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Silver Companies is a diversified real estate development and investment firm co-headquartered in Metro Washington, D.C. and Boca Raton, Fla. Silver Companies has built an impressive portfolio since 1941 of commercial development and residential site development.



WSA Private Cloud is an on client premise Information as a Service (IaaS) based solution and WSA NOC911 is an IT systems management strategy.



Silver Companies IT infrastructure didn’t grow with its portfolio of commercial development approaching 11 million sq. ft., residential site development totaling more than 50,000 units and the company’s private equity division which has provided more than $1.3 billion in capital to builders and developers over the last six years.


The WSA Private Cloud is a different approach, providing many of the benefits of "Public Cloud" without the downside risk. WSA provides, as a monthly service, the dedicated server and desktop infrastructure needed to operate the business... on the client’s premises. This includes the operating systems, system maintenance and support for the entire solution. The client owns its specific business application licenses, and more importantly, their data. The system utilizes RAIN (Random Array of Inexpensive Nodes), virtualization, and advanced storage technology to deliver a state-of-the-art, future-proof solution to meet the client’s computing infrastructure requirements.


Additionally, the clients IT support was based on a “break-fix” model which made IT costs unpredictable.  This may have contributed to delays in IT projects or deferring hardware replacement to keep costs down.  Basically, they were trying to maintain their IT environment, and their costs were still rising. The client’s dilemma was, invest in costly IT equipment and licenses, pay an hourly rate to an organization with the expertise to install and maintain the environment, which is the traditional approach, or else go with a more cost-effective cloud-based solution that positions the business for growth and has installation and support built in. Silver Companies opted for, and implemented, the WSA Private Cloud and NOC911 solution.



The WSA Private Cloud file system works with advanced storage architecture to further increase performance and protect user data. This inherent data protection provides an excellent short-term data recovery solution. Coupled with the creation and offsite storage of the Total Mirror Data File (TMDF), data protection is extended for long-term data retention and recovery. The system is monitored 24x7x365. Utilizing this approach, WSA offers its clients 99.999% uptime.


The system is secure, scalable and flexible. As your requirements change, the system can quickly adapt, simply by adding or removing server nodes and virtual desktops. WSA delivers this solution for a much lower initial and total cost than the traditional "buy, configure, maintain" IT infrastructure model. This translates to as much as a 40% lifecycle cost savings.


The WSA NOC911 service is a Steady State Management service program that combines proactive monitoring of Silvers IT environment, a US-based help desk, and Level 1 & 2 remote support and Level 3 On-site, for a fixed, per-device monthly fee.  NOC911 services are scalable, covering desktop/laptop PCs, Servers, mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, Network devices such as printers, and network components such as routers and switches.  WSA NOC911 services are flexible, allowing you to add or remove devices from the program, as your environment changes. NOC911 is cost-effective, as the flat fee covers the majority of IT-related issues most frequently encountered.


Going with WSA Private Cloud and NOC911 solution has allowed the Silver Companies to leverage advances in technology to help promote and conduct business. As part of the process, WSA handles all interfacing with their CRM and accounting software vendors. In taking this route, Silver Companies avoided having to purchase or hire expensive IT resources. Overall, WSAs Private Cloud and NOC911 Service have helped the client substantially shrink and predict its IT costs.



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