Google: Business Email Security Issues


Many small businesses turn to Google as their no-cost-low-cost email provider.  While this may be a cost-efficient avenue for many, it is highly risky for privacy protection.    We all use our email accounts for banking, invoicing, communication, and other confidential information.   Should consumers freely pass their confidential information back and forth via email?  Probably not.  Definitely not through public, free services.


For a few weeks now, news has been buzzing on the web regarding Google’s newly updated privacy policy.  Although this may seem like a favorable change for consumers, we cannot forget the past and the ease of Google’s security breaches (yes! Plural).


Google has had a plethora of breaches. 


Google hacks iPhone Safari browser to enable tracking for advertising.




The Department of Justice catches Google misrepresenting their Federal security and privacy certifications.




Google allows 35 million personal profiles to be publically downloaded.




Hackers stole Google’s entire password security/privacy system.




Google engineer stalked teens and spied on chats




Privacy International ranked Google “Worst in the World for Privacy” – 2007




Google exposed over 2,000 social security numbers and linked personal information in search results




The above references are only a handful of Google’s security issues.  If you are using or considering the use of Google services, and are bound by any Government security regulation (HIPPA, FISMA, PCI, GRAHAM-BLIVEY, etc.), you bear the responsibility and the associated liabilities, not Google.  We urge you to switch from Google to a solution that is more secure.  We can help.


29 February 2012, 16:18