Productivity without Proximity

 In every industry, staying competitive requires businesses to work towards improving productivity and managing costs in every aspect of their operations, including communications. WSA can assist businesses in the areas of voice and data communications. Whether it’s providing employees the ability to work from remote locations or establishing branch offices with minimal Information Technology (IT) operating expenses, WSA is a leading provider of IT and Unified Communications equipment and services needed to accomplish this goal. We are committed to providing clients with scalable and flexible integrated communications solutions that promote long-term business success.


Portable computers, high-speed telecommunications, pocket communication devices, Internet technology, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology supported by today’s newest IT and business phone systems allow many employees to work from almost anywhere, making many geographical challenges a thing of the past. Public and private organizations are adopting such a business strategy for a variety of reasons: to stay competitive in today’s global market, to have access to 24-hour customer support, to take advantage of today’s technological advancements, to increase worker flexibility, and to reduce overhead costs.